About Osfa Collection

Osfa - meaning "her collection" is a unique fashion boutique in Jerusalem.  Inspirational fashion and friendly atmosphere; cutting edge Israeli designers synthesized with fabulous European imports; moderate prices.   

The Osfa Collection is gathered from different designers - local and abroad - in order to provide a modular wardrobe that works.  We choose the clothes we love - unstructured, minimalistic lines in coordinating tones for women who want to be chic and comfortable. Clothes that can be dressed up and down for everyday and special occasions.


We source - just for you - exciting and attractively priced, European designs not generally seen in Israeli boutiques, along with a expansive array of local designs from Ronen Chen, Maya Negri, Gershon Bram, Flo by Ella Braitman, Hagit Tassa, Sheva Catom, Tammi Chomski, Kiki, and many more.

The Osfa Collection is updated on a regular basis during the season - there's always something new in the store. 


We believe in customer service, and in a relaxed approach that is non-pressured, non-judgmental and friendly.  More than anything, we want our customers to feel good at Osfa, and to walk out of the store feeling great about themselves - stylish and content with their look. 

OSFA : Derech Beit Lechem 53, Jerusalem | החנות של אוספה בדרך בית לחם 53, ירושלים 

Photography: Tzipora Lifchitz  Website Management: Sharon Avigad  Youtube: Tali Hayut, Avigail Sperber

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